AUSKF and SWKIF annual renewal

Members, please remember that the AUSKF and SWKIF membership drive has started.
Fees have gone down from last year:

AUSKF fees now $40 per adult (down from $60)

Youth is $20 (down from $30)

SWKIF fees will be $5 for all ages.

This change was recently submitted by the regional board in an effort to get membership numbers up.
Total expense for AUSKF and SWKIF should be $45.

All members planning on being in person and virtual practices should be AUSKF members.
Please sign up via

SWKIF Virtual Kendo Seminar – 2/26 – 2/27

There will be a virtual kendo seminar hosted by Tulsa Kendo on Friday 2/26 until Saturday 2/27. The seminar is free but Limited to AUSKF members only, due to the presence of the USA national team. This is a free event using the APP “ZOOM.”(Download) Please be prepared with a shinai, or bokuto, that can be safely swung indoors. Brief Q&A session to follow each practice so please hold all questions until then.

Up to date details can be found in the links below:
Facebook Event
Tulsa Kendo Website


Feb 26, Friday
Koki Abe
Focus: Bokuto-ni-yoru kihon keiko-ho
Time 6:00-7:00PM CST

Feb 27, Saturday
Christopher Yang
Focus: Kendo conditioning drills
Time 10:00-11:00AM CST

Brandon Harada
Focus: Kendo conditioning drills
Time 1:00-2:00PM CST

Koki Abe
Focus: General Kendo practice
Time 6:00-7:00PM CST

Meeting ID: 861 4458 3890

– Link will be active 10 Minutes before each session
– Please mute yourself upon entering the practice
– PIN the main speaker during each session