2023 Nabeshima Cup and Texas Open Regulations

For those planning to attend the Nabeshima Cup and Texas Open Taikais, please be aware that we have updated the 2023 regulations found in our information package with some provisional shiai and shinpan rules:

2023 Nabeshima Information Packet (PDF)

The new information can be found on page 9, section VII.A.

The Friday evening seminar will cover these in more detail, we highly encourage everyone to attend for the session if able!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Jodo Practice 11/29

Our practice this coming Tuesday evening, November 29th, will be dedicated to Jodo. Participants will need a bokuto and your jo if you have one.  We will have a few extra jo on hand for anyone without a jo.

Tuesday 9/27 Schedule Change

Instead of our regularly scheduled Iaido practice coming up this Tuesday, September 27th, we will practice Jodo.

This substitution in our schedule is to make up for the Jodo practice we missed in order to train for the Inoue Cup earlier this month.

Beginners are welcome, bring your bokuto and your jo if you have one.

Sunday 9/25 Practice Cancellation

This Sunday 9/25 we will not have our regularly scheduled practice as we are performing a demonstration at the Dallas Japanese Association’s 2022 Akimatsuri.

Members participating in the Demonstration, please be dressed and ready to go over the demonstration at 10:30am in front of the area marked “D” below.

AUSKF Shinpan Seminar

AUSKF will host its annual Shinpan Seminar on Oct. 15-16 in Missouri City, Texas.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to shinpan (judge) in a taikai. The focus will be on kenshi rank 4th dan and above, but all are welcome. There will be an opportunity for junior kenshi to participate as shai-sha if they so choose. Also, all participants are welcome to join the godo keiko held on both days of the seminar.

The deadline for registration is October 1st:

Additionally, there will be shinsa (testing) for kyu through 4th dan, which will take place Sunday after the event. If you are interested, please speak with Ichimura Sensei first before registering.

Shinsa Registration:

2022 SWKIF Fall Iaido Seminar

DFWKIK is pleased to announce open registration for the 2022 SWKIF Fall Iaido Seminar, Taikai, and Shinsa!

Click here for registration, payment details, and documents.

We are honored to have instruction from Robert Stroud Sensei from Idaho Kendo Club, Cynthia Tanabe Sensei of the Salinas Kendo Dojo, and Joe Sheldon Sensei of the River City Iaido & Kendo Kyokai, as well as our very own Russell Ichimura Sensei of the Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai.

This year will see the return of our Inoue Cup Open Taikai for participants up to 3 dan.

Likewise, shinsa will be held for candidates up to 3 dan.

Please join us!

Weekday Practice Cancellations

This upcoming week, our regular practices on Tuesday 5/24 and Thursday 5/26 are cancelled due to A/C repair activities at the Greenhill School.

Additionally, please note that for practice this Sunday 5/22, the north parking lot where we normally park off Midway will be closed. Please be sure to park in the parking lot off the Spring Valley entrance.