January 2024 Practice Schedule

We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! As we move into the new year, please keep in mind the following concerning our practice schedule in January.

Our regular practice schedule will resume the first week of the new year, starting with Jodo on Tuesday, Jan 2nd.

Additionally, Iaido practice will be cancelled on Tuesday, Jan. 9th.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the new year!

Jodo Seminar Sept 16, 17

This weekend we will have the honor of hosting Pam Parker sensei, Iaido kyoshi 7 dan, jodo 5 dan, from the Ken-Zen dojo in New York for a special 2 day jodo seminar. Both sessions will be held at the Greenhill school in Addision.

The first session is Saturday, Sept 16 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

The second session will be Sunday, Sept 17 from 9:15 am to 12:30 pm. This will take place in lieu of our normal Sunday practices.

There is no formal registration, but please let Tranchin sensei know if you will be attending. We will also ask for a $35 donation to cover the time slot on Saturday.

Sunday 7/30 Practice Schedule

Sunday 7/30 we will have a longer kendo practice starting at 10:30am, ending later than usual at 2:00pm to accommodate the SWKIF kodansha seminar led by Kajitani sensei.

We will still have our normal morning iaido session starting at 9:15am. In lieu of kendo kata we will proceed directly into kendo keiko.

All 4 dan and above are welcome to participate in the seminar; in order to cover the cost of the added practice time we are asking for a fee of $10 from participants.

3 dan and below will still be able to practice separately for the full duration, no fee is necessary.

Upcoming Practice Schedule Change

We will be switching our Tuesday (6/27) iaido practice and Thursday (6/29) kendo practice next week to help our Dallas SWKIF team representatives get an additional practice before departing Thursday.

This will put our Iaido class on Thursday, and Kendo on Tuesday.

Free Kendo Lesson on July 13!

Come join the Dallas / Fort Worth Kendo and Iaido Kyokai for a free kendo lesson! This introductory lesson will cover the basics of kendo, as well as provide a glimpse into what practices are like at our dojo. A portion of the lesson will be a hands-on experience. Practice bamboo swords (Shinai) will be provided. No martial arts or kendo experience is necessary to attend!

Reserve your spot here: https://bit.ly/freekendolesson

Event Info

  • Location: Greenhill School Gym
    4141 Spring Valley Rd, Addison, TX 75001 – Enter via hornet road off of Midway
    Also see our Class Location for more details.
  • Please wear a t-shirt, sweatpants, or similar athletic clothing, and don’t forget a water bottle!
  • Check in will be from 7:00-7:15 pm.
  • Class starts at 7:15 pm, please be checked in and ready to go by then!
  • Class will end at 9:25, with a break midway through.

Check out the event on Facebook as well!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Practice Schedule Updates

Our regular Thursday evening kendo practice tomorrow 4/26 has been cancelled due to an event at Greenhill occupying both gyms.

As a reminder, this weekend we will be hosting the Nabeshima Cup and Texas Open Taikai, as well as seminar and shinsa at the Episcopal School of Dallas. As the events overlap with our regular Sunday practice schedule, we will likewise not have practice this Sunday 4/30 at Greenhill.

2023 Nabeshima Cup and Texas Open Regulations

For those planning to attend the Nabeshima Cup and Texas Open Taikais, please be aware that we have updated the 2023 regulations found in our information package with some provisional shiai and shinpan rules:

2023 Nabeshima Information Packet (PDF)

The new information can be found on page 9, section VII.A.

The Friday evening seminar will cover these in more detail, we highly encourage everyone to attend for the session if able!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Jodo Practice 11/29

Our practice this coming Tuesday evening, November 29th, will be dedicated to Jodo. Participants will need a bokuto and your jo if you have one.  We will have a few extra jo on hand for anyone without a jo.