Urgent! – Suspension of In-person practice for the remainder of January

Practice for the rest of January will be suspended, due concerns of Omicron variant infections increasing across the country. Below is a message from DFWKIK Board President, Masayuki Mizuuchi-Sensei. Please e-mail the webmaster if you are not on the e-mailing list or are not currently receiving e-mails from DFWKIK at this time.

“DFWKIK members,

With the Omicron variant wreaking havoc around the nation, the All United States Kendo Federation is strongly urging a suspension of in person practice of Iaido and Kendo.

Your elected Board members have made the tough decision and agreed to suspend In Person practice for the remainder of the month. We hope to resume in person practice in February if we see improvement with COVID cases. We plan on starting virtual practices soon so please keep an eye out for an invitation from Navarro Sensei for the date / time / link.

We have contacted Greenhill and informed them that we will not need the space and are hopeful we will not be billed for these rentals. If Greenhill does not charge us for these canceled practices, the board agreed to pass these savings onto the membership in the form of discounted membership dues for January. We will communicate to the membership once Greenhill makes their decision on the charges.

In the meantime, we strongly suggest getting the COVID vaccines along with boosters for all members. Though breakthrough cases are occurring at higher rates, vaccinations are helping prevent severe illness.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask any board member.

Thank you,

Masayuki Mizuuchi “