Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check the FAQ below and see if it’s already answered!

Can I come by to observe class?

Absolutely! We recommend new members who have never practiced kendo, iaido, or jodo to visit us and observe a practice first. There is no need for an appointment, just drop by and introduce yourself!

How do I get started?

Check out our new member guide for a full rundown of the process, but in short show up to your first practice with:

  1. Completed membership forms.
  2. Initiation Fee and first month’s dues (Or paypal receipt for the same).
  3. Comfortable exercise clothes, including long pants. If you are starting Iaido, you will want to bring a pair of knee pads as well.

How much does it cost to start?

Our one time initiation fee is $30.

We ask new members to pay for their first month’s dues as well, the structure can be found on our new membership or dues payment page. As an example, adults are $50/mo.

You may also want to purchase some starting equipment from our store, such as a shinai and bokuto. We keep a stock for new members’ convenience. If you ordered equipment from us, please be sure to notify our Sergeant at Arms (See contact for details) so we may have it ready for you at class.

How often can I attend practice?

If you are current on your dues, you may attend any practice you like!

It’s also perfectly fine if you are unable to make certain days of the week, or times. For longer weeknight practices we understand making an evening commute can be difficult! Come whenever you can, if you arrive and class has already started, come in quietly, get ready and warmed up, and wait for an opportunity between exercises to join in.

What equipment do I need to start? Should I purchase a uniform?

To start, you will only need a shinai (a hollow bamboo sword used in kendo) and/or a bokuto (a solid wood sword used for kata). If you are starting Iaido, you will also want to invest in a pair of knee pads.

Once you decide you want to continue practice long term, usually around a few weeks, then you should look for a kendogi and hakama set (top and bottom uniform pieces) on one of the various online equipment suppliers. We have a list of some on our useful links page.

If you have purchased a kendogi and hakama already, please refer to this video for an explanation on how to wear it!

Is there an age requirement to start training?

While we do not have a strict age minimum for new members, we do not offer curriculum tailored for younger children. We generally recommend that children under 13 years old be accompanied in class by a parent or guardian. However, anyone is welcome so long as they can demonstrate the discipline and respect for other students and sensei expected of the older members.

We have no maximum age requirement.

Are there discounts available for university students?

Yes! College students and members under 18 years old pay a reduced monthly amount.

I currently practice with another dojo, and am coming to Dallas for a time, may I join practice?

Yes! So long as you practice with a dojo from a member federation of the AUSKF (Or ultimately IKF), and you have permission from your home dojo, feel free to grab your equipment and join practice! Please introduce yourself to sensei before practice starts.

If you will be in town for a longer period of time (over a month), we ask that you pay dues while you are practicing with us regularly.

If your dojo is not part of an AUSKF/IKF federation, we ask that you also pay our initiation fee and submit new membership forms.

I accidentally paid for extra equipment or dues by accident! Can I get a refund?

Yes! Please contact our Treasurer (See contact for details) and we will happily refund you.

What style of Iaido do you practice?

While we focus on the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei Seitei kata set , we practice the Musō Shinden-ryū style of iaido.