2020 AUSKF/SWKIF Membership Drive

The Annual AUSKF/SWKIF Membership Drive will start on the 15th of March, and will run through the 31st of March.

If you plan on testing for promotion or participating in any AUSKF or SWKIF Sponsored event, you must be a member of the National and Regional Federation.

Registration/Renewal is done online via www.unitedstateskendo.com

AUSKF Membership Fees:

Adult (18 years and over) – $60.00

Children (17 years and under) – $30.00

Full time students – $30.00

One time Initiation Fee – $10.00

SWKIF Membership Fees:

18 Years & Over – $30.00

17 Yrs & Under – $15.00

New Member Initiation Fee – $5.00

If you have any issues or need your AUSKF Membership Number, please let Nathan Williams or Simon Martinez know, so we can work to get it resolved.