SWKIF and AUSKF 2015 membership drive

Since our dojo is going to host a bunch of events this year including Nabeshima Cup, let’s get the membership drive done the earlier the better, March 1, 2015 being the official cutoff date. Please give the completed 2015 Annual Membership Forms and payment/receipt to Ashley. The easiest way to pay is by using dojo online payments and print the receipt.

**Membership to SWKIF/AUSKF is REQUIRED for participation in ALL federation events such as Nabeshima Cup, AUSKF Iaido camp and Kendo Summer Camp, Taikai, Shinsa (Test for Ranks), Seminars, etc.

Basically EVERY Dallas dojo member including the UTA folks should start/renew the SWFIF/AUSFK membership. A few big Iaido/Kendo events in 2015 will be hosted by our dojo right here in Dallas. No travel cost, hint, hint **