RIP – Kenshi Nabeshima Sensei

RIP – Kenshi Nabeshima (鍋島健士) Sensei
(November 19,1928 – June 7,2017)

Nabeshima Sensei was born on November 19, 1928 in the Goto Islands (五島)located off the western coast of Kyushu, Japan, a part of Nagasaki Prefecture. Sensei, an acupuncturist by profession, was instrumental in the development of the Dallas Kendo Dojo, later to become the Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo and Iaido Kyokai. His body will be cremated on June 11, and his ashes will be taken to Nagasaki, where a memorial service is currently being discussed. The dojo will also be planning a memorial Keiko soon.

Let our thoughts go out to his family including his daughter Keiko and son-in-law Russell Ichimura Sensei.