The Dallas/Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai was founded in 1976 and has developed into a martial arts and cultural organization which seeks to promote the growth and development of the Japanese martial arts and their related cultural activities. For over 35 years, the Dallas/Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai has continued to hold training classes; to host tournaments, seminars, and promotional testing for ranks; and to promote cultural development and awareness by performing demonstrations at schools and cultural events.

 AUSKF/SWKIF membership drive 2017 – deadline 3/26

It is now time for the 2017 annual spring AUSKF/SWKIF Membership Drive.
ALL members who wish to attend seminars, tournaments, and testing events need to renew or join during this time. This means that even if you joined during last spring or fall, you will need to renew your membership now.

There is a membership fee adjustment from AUSKF:
For members 18 and above other than full time students, it would be $60 for AUSKF and $30 for SWKIF ($90 total).
For members 18 and above but also full time students, it would be $30 for AUSKF and $30 for SWKIF ($60 total).
For members 17 and below, it would be $30 for AUSKF and $15 for SWKIF($45 total).
For first time SWKIF members, you need to pay a $5 initiation fee.
For first time AUSKF members, the initiation fee will be a separate $10.

**Membership to AUSKF/SWKIF is REQUIRED for participation in all federation events such as Nabeshima Cup, kendo/iaido summer camp, taikai, seminars, etc.**

Attached is the Annual Membership Forms you need to fill in, print out, and turn in to Ashley M. All payments and forms must be turned in together by March 14, 2017. If you are paying via Paypal, please print out a copy of your receipt and attach it to your membership application. Applications without a form of payment or receipt can not be accepted.

 AUSKF referee seminar in Houston – March 18-19 – deadline 3/7

The next AUSKF Referee Seminar will be held in Zone 6 at Houston, TX on the weekend of March 18 & 19, 2017.

All AUSKF members are invited to join, even if you are from another zone. Our final AUSKF Referee seminar for this year will be May 6 & 7, 2017 in Atlanta, GA (more info to come in April).

For more information and registration of the Zone 6 Seminar, please go to:

The instructors for this event will be:

T. Yuge – Seminar coordinator

The deadline for registration is MARCH 7, 2017.

 2nd AUSKF Women’s Kendo Seminar – March 11-12, 2017 – Englewood, NJ

The 2nd AUSKF Women’s Kendo Seminar will be held on March 11-12, 2017 on the East Coast in Englewood, New Jersey.
This year, our guest instructors will be Yukiko Takami Sensei and Mana Kawagoe Sensei:

Yukiko Takami 鷹見由紀子(福岡) (5-Dan) was the 14th WKC Individual Champion, 15th WKC Team Champion, and 16th WKC Individual 3rd Place.
Mana Kawagoe 川越愛 (兵庫) (5-Dan) was 15th WKC Individual 3rd Place and 16th WKC Individual Best 8

Two-Day Seminar Fee
For more info and to sign up, visit:

2nd AUSKF Women’s Kendo Seminar (March 11-12, 2017)

 Personalized SWKIF shinai bag order – deadline 3/12

HKK (Houston Kendo Kyokai) is designing and taking orders for custom SWKIF shinai bags. The material is called sakabukuro (酒袋) or sake sack. The name came from sake brewers hanging nigori (unrefined sake) in the bag to let clean and refined sake to slowly drip out. It is basically heavy duty cotton canvas. The color of the bag is blue and all the writing and emblem will be in silver / white stitching (as illustrated in SWKIF shinai bag) The shinai bag will cost $120 and will have your name embroidered on it.
If you are interested in purchasing a bag, please submit a check of $120 payable to Houston Kendo Kyokai to Ashley M. by Sunday, March 12, 2017.


 2nd AUSKF Adult/Mudansha Seminar – Feb., 18-19, 2017 – Huntington Beach, CA -deadline 1/31

Announcing the 2nd AUSKF ADULT/MUDANSHA SEMINAR, to be held February 18-19th at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, CA!
This seminar will focus on providing tailored instruction and guidance to those who started kendo as and adult (18+), so BOTH ADULT KYU AND YUDANSHA ARE WELCOME TO JOIN!


Yuji Onitsuka Sensei
Michio Kajitani Sensei
Chris Yang Sensei
Seiji Mamiya Sensei
Brandon Harada Sensei
Hajime Sugawara Sensei
Danny Yang Sensei
Shuntaro Shinada Sensei
Koji Takahashi Sensei
Rod Faghani Sensei

Deadline to register is January 31st, 2017.
Sign up now @:

19th Detroit Kendo Taikai – Feb.,11-12,2017 – Novi, MI – deadline 1/15

The 19th Annual Detroit Kendo Tournament, and Seminar hosted by the Detroit Kendo Dojo, will take place on February 11th and 12th 2017, in Novi Michigan.

This year the distinguished tournament guests will be:
Kendo Hanshi 8 Dan Shuji Fukumoto (福本 修二)Sensei from Tokyo, Japan
Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan Hiromichi Hayashi (林 宏道) Sensei from Tokyo, Japan

Shuji Fukumoto Sensei currently is the Vice President and Executive Managing Director of All Japan Kendo Federation, and the Executive Director of the International Kendo Federation.

Hiromichi Hayashi Sensei is currently the President of the Tokyo Shinagawa District Kendo Federation and a Representative of the Development Committee for All Japan Kendo Federation.

The registration deadline date for tournament entry is January 15, 2017. Please complete the tournament entry as well as payment on the online registration system by January 15, 2017. Promotion exam, hosted by the Midwest Kendo Federation, will be held following the seminar on 11th as well. The online registration link is listed below. You can also register through Detroit dojo website under the Tournament section at

The online registration for tournament entry: link

No Iai practice on Valentines’

Our Tuesday night Iai class on February 14th has been cancelled.

Have a happy Valentines Day!

Board Meeting on Sunday January 29, No Practice

The dojo is having its board meeting on Sunday, January 29, 2017.
There will be no regular practice. Every dojo member is welcome to participate in the meeting however.

Congrats to dojo members on their Iaido promotions

At last weekend’s Kaneda Sensei’s seminar and shinsa in Boise, ID, all our dojo members who tested got promoted to higher ranks. This year our dojo had a great presence at the seminar with nine members including three sensei.

The Shinsa board included: Robert Stroud sensei, Jason Hankins sensei, Masayasu Ando sensei, Aniceto Seto sensei and Joe Sheldon sensei (in random order).
Here are the members with their new ranks:

Nathan Williams – 1 Kyu
Ashley Moore – 1 Dan
Denise Verastigue – 1 Dan
Sangki Lee – 1 Dan
Séan Zhu – 1 Dan

Congratulations to all!

Kaneda Sensei Iaido Seminar – Jan 7-8,2017 – Boise, Idaho

BSU kendo & iaido is very happy to announce that this year’s instructor and special guest will be Kazuhisa Kaneda (金田和久)sensei. Shinsa is available for up to 3dan.

Schedule of Events:
Saturday, Jan 7; 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday, Jan 8; 9:00 am to 10:00 am, Iaido Shinsa
Sunday, Jan 8; 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

Seminar Location:
Boise State University, Rec Center Main Gym, 1515 University Drive
Boise, Idaho 83725-1711

Registration packet.

Holiday Schedule

Tuesday 11/22 night: Regular advanced iaido & advanced kendo
Thursday 11/24 night: No practice; happy Turkey day!
Tuesday 11/29 night: Iaido only
Last practice in 2016: Sunday 12/18

First practice in 2017: Tuesday 01/03

Don’t forget about our 40 years celebration godo keiko and Christmas party.

Happy holidays!

DFWKIK’s 40 Years Anniversary godo keiko (1976 – 2016) – December 10, 2016

Our dojo has served the DFW metroplex for 40 years. In celebration we will have a godo keiko (合同稽古)on Saturday, December 10,2016. There will be a banquet dinner afterwards.

Godo-Keiko & Banquet: Saturday, December 10, 2016
Godo-Keiko: 1pm to 4:30pm at Greenhill School Gymnasium
4141 Spring Valley Rd., Addison, TX 75001

Banquet: 6:30pm to 9pm at Mike Anderson’s BBQ
5410 Harry HIne Blvd., Dallas, TX 75235

Sunday dojo regular practice: Sunday, December 11, 2016
09:15am – 10:30am – iaido
10:40am – 11:10am – kendo kata
11:15am – 12:30pm – kendo

Here is the registration packet. The dinner and tenugui payments can be made at our dojo’s online payment page.

Thank you!

(↓anniversary tenugui↓)


5th Tuesday of the Month Schedule

As we have a fifth Tuesday approaching, here is our planned fifth Tuesday practice schedule in the year of 2016:

March 29: Shiai Kendo
May 31: Iaido
August 30: Kendo
November 29: Iaido

Please make sure you attend this Tuesday, March 29 night’s practice especially if you plan to participate in Ito Cup but have never been in a kendo tournament before.

Oklahoma Kendo Seminar – Nov. 11-13, 2016 – Tulsa, OK

The Tulsa Kendo Dojo (Shin Sou Fu Kan 新壮風館 ) announced the Bi-annual visit of Yoshio Iwanami (7 Dan), and Koki Abe (6 Dan) sensei from the Shi Ku Kai (之久会)dojo in Kanagawa Japan. They will be conducting a three-day training Kendo seminar. This event is open to any level kendoka, and to dojo outside of Oklahoma interested in participating.

Time & Location:

Nov 11, Friday
Location: Infinity Dance Academy
8112 S. Memorial Drive Tulsa, OK 74133
Time 6:00PM-8:00PM

Nov 12-13, Saturday-Sunday
Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center
2021 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74136
Time 9:30AM-5:00PM
LaQuinta Inn, 6030 E Skelly Dr, Tulsa, OK 74135
“hotel location where the visiting sensei will be staying”

3-day attendance: $75.00
1-day attendance: $30.00

Please Write any money orders or Checks to:
Michael Lindsay
3533 South Norfolk Ave Tulsa OK, 74105

More details can be found here

AUSKF November Shinsa – Nov.13, 2016 – Palisades Park, NJ

November 2016 AUSKF Promotional Exam

Date: November 13 (Sun)
12:30 PM – Registration (Gym opens at 10:30 am)
1:00 PM – Promotion Exam (5 Dan & Above, Shogo)
4:30 pm – Follow-up Seminar and Keiko
Location: Palisades Park High School Gym
1 Veterans Blvd, Palisades Park NJ 07650 (Nearest airport is Newark NJ / EWR)

Deadline: October 31, 2016 (No late applications will be accepted)
See application file for more details.

Note: federation signature is required, so check with your federation for its deadline.

Congrats to dojo members on their kendo promotions

The following dojo members received their new kendo ranks at last weekend’s New Orleans SWKIF shinsa:

Jennyrayne Colangan – 2 Dan
Sangki Lee – 2 Dan
Debi Blanco– 2 Kyu
Logan Grooms – 3 Kyu
Massim Shah – 3 Kyu
Ryan Lu – 3 Kyu


No practice this Sunday 10/23

Since most sensei will be in New Orleans this weekend, there will be no regular classes unfortunately.

SWKIF Fall Kendo Seminar – New Orleans, LA – Oct. 21-23, 2016

SWKIF Fall kendo seminar will be held at Tulane University Student Recreation Center in New Orleans on the October 21-23 weekend. The Student Recreation Center is located at the end of Janet Yulman Way. Free parking is available at the Diboll Parking Garage in front of the SRC.

Event Hotel: Maison Dupuy (discounted rate @ $209 + tax, etc.)

Shinsa test up to (including) 4 Dan is held on Sunday.

Here are the Registration and Shinsa forms.

Fall 2016 KENDO Shinsa – Application Material 10232016

Registration Packet October 2016 NOLA.v2

2016 Longhorn Kendo Team Taikai Results

HKK team from Houston, TX won this year’s Longhorn Kendo Taikai Championship!

Venice dojo from California was the 2nd place. NYC from New York got the 3rd place.