TO READ: Kendo Shiai and Shinpan Related Books

Please take time to read the two eBooks (downloadable pdf’s) in the “Kendo Shiai/Shinpan Related Information:” section on our Dojo Training Guides page.

1) The First Steps to Becoming A Referee – Basic Rules of Kendo Tournaments and Refereeing by Terry Holt Sensei

2) Kendo Shiai Shinpan Administration Essentials Guide Shinpan Tebiki
剣道試合・審判・ 運営要領の手引き
(English & Japanese) Official FIK doc translated by Robert Stroud Sensei  (This is not the Rules book, simplified version)

Different parts will apply for different people in their roles for the upcoming Nabeshima Taikai. Please note the sections on scoring and setup, but everyone can gain a better understanding of the working parts of managing competitions.