Tsutomu Ito Cup 伊藤勉杯 – Denver, CO – April 29 – May 1, 2016 – Deadline 4/3

The 2016 Ito Cup will be held April 29-May 1 in Denver, CO area. There will be 5-person team match, women’s individual and shinsa.

Friday April 29th
Seminar with USA Team Members: Yuji Onitsuka Sensei, Brandon Harada Sensei & Daniel Yang Sensei.

Saturday April 30th
Women’s 3-person Team Taikai & ITO Cup 5-person Team Taikai:

Sunday May 1st
Shinsa – Up to 4 Dan

We will be sending as many teams as we can, including teams from UTA and UTD should registration provide the counts we need to fill Dallas teams. Note that women are allowed to participate in BOTH the womens team and the 5-person team. We will do our best to slot members accordingly.

Everyone who plans to attend the seminar and/or Taikai should complete a registration form and waiver (see pages 7-9), submit it to Simon, Zach, or Cooper Sensei, and submit a check made out to DFWKIK. Since team assignments have not be completed, please leave the team assignment section of the registration form blank. We will make the selection after we receive all registrations. All registration documents and payments MUST be submitted to us before Sunday April 3rd. Please do not wait until the last day to do so.

Note: If you plan to order t-shirts, you MUST do so by April 4th, online. This should be reflected in your registration documents, and payment will be necessary upon submitting your registration. If you order a t-shirt in your registration document, you MUST go online to complete the order process. See page 9 of the packet.

Note: If you plan to take the promotional exam, the process is separate from the seminar and Taikai registration.

Here is the 2016 ItoCup Registration Packet

If you plan to test, please make sure you get Ichimura Sensei’s verbal approval before submitting this online SHINSA REGISTRATION form.