HKK Fall Female Kendo Practice – Nov. 21, 2015 – due date 11/10

Houston Kendo Kyokai will be hosting the 2015 All Ladies’ Kendo Practice. The event will be held 9am-1pm, Saturday, November 21, 2015. This event is open to full bogu wearing female kenshi that are members of Southwest U.S. Kendo & Iaido Federation (SWKIF), and ladies who are currently regularly practicing at a SWKIF affiliated dojo.

This practice will be conducted by two instructors from HKK: Makiko Adachi (安達麻紀子) sensei (5 dan) and Hiroaki Kimura (木村洋明)sensei (4 dan). Practice will focus on improving kendo skills particularly relevant to female kenshi, with open keiko at the end of practice.
Practice is going to be held at the Houston Chinese Community Center, located at 9800 Town Park Dr. Houston, TX 77036. Please complete the registration and waiver forms and email them back before Friday, November 10.

HKK Fall All Ladies Kendo Practice Registration Packet