Inoue Cup Iaido Taikai

The Inoue Cup Invitational Iaido Tournament started in 1992 as a goodwill Dallas/Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai (DFWKIK) club tournament. The tournament evolved and (in past years) has expanded to include dojos throughout the Southwest region of the United States; however, 2009 was once again a DFWKIK only event.

The Inoue Cup is an individual tournament hosted by the DFWKIK and has been held many times in the past. Traditionally, the Inoue Cup Iaido Tournament is held in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but it has also been held in conjunction with the AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp.

The following is a brief summary of past tournament results:

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
2009 – 9th Tomoyuki Hirasawa (DAL) Terry Sewell (DAL) Jeffrey Koke (DAL) NA
2006 – 8th Paul Tigh (DAL) ? ? ?
2004 – 7th Chris Golden (DAL) ? ? ?
2003 – 6th James Kemp ? ? ?
2000 – 5th Mike Ugarte (NY-KZ) Peter Kilpe (DC-S) David Cooper (DAL) Koji Sato (CHI)
1998 – 4th Debbie Farmer (NY-S) David Cooper (DAL) Susan Sekreta (NY) Scott Tullis (WY)
1996 – 3rd David Cooper (DAL) Phong Le (DAL) Kevin Abe (DAL) Kwang Chung (DAL)
1993 – 2nd Russell Ichimura (DAL) NA NA NA
1992 – 1st Charles Riddle (DAL) NA NA NA