The Dallas/Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai was founded in 1976 by Mr. Bill Trevino, an ardent sword polisher who studied kendo in Japan.  The organization at the time was called the Dallas Kendo Club.  In April 1980, the first swords ever forged in the Western Hemisphere were made at the University of Dallas campus by Yoshindo Yoshihara (吉原義人), one of the most accomplished young swordsmiths in the world. Bill Trevino was the contact person for this great event. In 1989, the club changed its name to The Dallas/Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai in recognition of members traveling from Fort Worth and the mid-cities.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai has long standing traditions and ties to the past due to the teachings of several past sensei or instructors. The two most influential of these Sensei was Mr. Kenshi Nabeshima (鍋島健士)and Mr. Tetsuro Inoue. As head instructor for 13 years, Nabeshima Sensei established international respectability and credibility for the organization. As an active member for four years, Inoue Sensei was instrumental in reorganizing the club’s Iaido training methods. In honor of their contributions, two perpetual trophy cup awards, the Nabeshima Cup (Kendo) and the Inoue Cup (Iaido), are awarded to winners of the organization’s Kendo and Iaido tournaments.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai has been fortunate to receive mottos from past Sensei and their teachers.  Kenshi Nabeshima Sensei, has delivered words of guidance, originally written by Yoshikawa Eiji (吉川英治), and a favorite of Miyamoto Musashi (宮本武蔵),” Ware Igai Mina Waga Shi,” which means “Everyone But Myself Is My Teacher”:

 Nabeshima’s Sensei, Mr Takeo Baba (馬場武雄), has also delivered words of guidance, “Ha Ja No Ken,” which can be translated to “Destroying Evil With Sword”:

In 1990, Takeo Baba Sensei, together with his children all being Kendo 7 Dan kyoshi, the four Baba sons (馬場武典,馬場英樹, 馬場勇司,馬場欽司) and one daughter, and also the legendary Kiyoshi Nakakura (中倉清), Kendo 9 Dan sensei were all invited by Nabeshima Sensei to attend the DFWKIK hosted National Kendo tournament held in Forth Worth, TX.

Through continued support, Dallas/Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai will continue to grow by following the lead of those who came before us.



Current DFWKIK Board of Directors

Dojo Representative Nathan Williams
President Masayuki Mizuuchi
Vice President Adria Navarro
Treasurer Denise Verastigue
Secretary Colin Haney
Sergeant At Arms Jess Alvarez
Historian Simon Martinez
Non-Voting Officers
Dojo Advisor Russell Ichimura
Auditor Yong Cho
Webmaster Zach Gonzales

(Officers Updated: Tuesday, July 15, 2014; Saturday, August, 25, 2018)



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