Dojo practice resuming Thursday June 3rd!

As COVID-19 cases continue to decline and vaccinations become more readily available, the Board has decided to return to In-Dojo practice resuming Thursday June 3rd, 2021!

Schedule will return to our pre-covid practice times on Thursdays and Sundays. In person Tuesday practices will be omitted in favor of virtual practices.

Members participating In Dojo practice are expected to resume paying membership dues. If you are not planning on returning at this time, the Board has temporarily lifted the “reinitiation” due for those that have taken an extended break from the dojo but plan on returning.

As we transition back to practicing within the dojo, please take the time to go over the provided document to understand what to expect upon returning back to the dojo.

DFWKIK COVID-19 Guidelines

Action Items for all members returning:

1. Inspect your gear. Many of us have practiced in over a year. Check your Iaito, Gi, Hakama, Shinai, & Bogu.
2. READ the document and be prepared
3. Fill out the attached waiver form and bring to class
4. Before each practice, expect to fill out a form online (accessible via QR Code). This will not only help with attendance but also help with contact tracing / screening for COVID
5. Pay your dues

As stated in the document – Change at home – we will not be able to use the locker rooms and bathrooms are to be used one and at a time

For kendo practitioners in bogu, we are requiring mask and shield in the men to help reduce the spread. A couple board members have pre-emptively purchased the mask shields for members. They are approximately $10 each.

From the All Japan Kendo Federation:

For further explanation please refer to: AJKF translated findings

Masks reduced the amount of spray by around 90%.
Shield reduced droplet spray by around 70%.
Masks with shields block droplets by almost 95%.
Breathing difficulties are alleviated when wearing a Men-mask if a small space is made between the mask and the mouth. You can wear a Men-mask with the nose uncovered.


Abiding by the guidelines set out by the All Japan Kendo Federation, competitors should avoid tsuba-zeriai. If tsuba-zeriai is unavoidable, both competitors should separate immediately, or attempt hiki-waza. Competitors should not shout at each other (kakegoe). (Hassei will be permitted in the case of hiki-waza. If the competitors do not separate forthwith, the Shinpan should announce “Wakare” without delay.)

Updated Waiver is available as well as a form for those members who have been vaccinated:

Updated Waiver

Covid Vaccine Form