Nabeshima Weekend Volunteer Sign Up

We will need Volunteers to help with setting up the Phillips Gymnasium on Friday Night the 26th, running the Nabeshima Cup Taikai and Texas Open on Saturday, the 27th of April and on Sunday, the 28th of April for the SWKIF Spring Shinsa.

Nabeshima Weekend is our premier event and we will need all the help we can get.

Please sign up using the GoogleForms below:

Volunteer Sign up Form

AUSKF/SWKIF Membership Registration/Renewal begins on March 15th 2019

The 2019 AUSKF/SWKIF Membership Drive, starts tomorrow, this year everything will be completed online including payment, via the AUSKF website listed below, however there may be an additional step, we awaiting further guidance.

You will first need to create your account and verify your information i.e. Rank, etc.

Then you will either Register for membership (First Timers – Please include the initation fees for AUSKF and SWKIF) or renew your current membership.

Please feel to reach out, if you have any questions or issues.

AUSKF and SWKIF Membership is mandatory for promotion testing and attending AUSKF/SWKIF Functions, it is is highly encouraged for all members.

The deadline is March 31st 2019.

DFWKIK Internal NC Registration Form and Taikai Waiver – Deadline: 7th April, 2019

All DFWKIK Members planning to compete or those serving as Volunteers for the Taikai, please complete the below online form and turn in the Taikai Waiver Form and PayPal payment receipt (See instructions below for sending payment) or Check (Payable to DFWKIK) to Colin Haney in class.

If paying via PayPal  (Select Send Money, and enter:  in the email field and type the amount due, and  enter  “Nabeshima Taikai Payment” in the Note Section and follow the steps to make your payment.)

The deadline date is Sunday the 7th of April, 2019.

Online Internal Registration Form

Taikai Waiver Form