2017 AUSKF Kendo Nationals Results

SWKIF Men’s team took 3rd place in the men’s team match at the AUSKF national championship.
Makiko Adachi sensei took 3rd place in the women’s individual.
Takuro Yamaoka sensei won a kantosho award in Men’s individual.
Congratulations to all.

2017 AUSKF Iaido Nationals Result

2017 AUSKF Iaido Championships
Saturday, June 10 — Bryn Mawr PA

Division one: Mu kyu – 2 kyu
1st place: Wang, Feng (Mushinkan, SWKIF )
2nd place: Sevin, Phil (ZenBuKan, RMKIF)
3rd place: Costa, Joseph (Itto Kai, AEUSKF)
3rd place: Sandor, Adam (Agassiz Dojo, MWKF)
Kantosho: Higham, Ritchard (Ken-Zen Institute, AEUSKF)

Division two: 1 kyu – 1 dan (Murakami Cup)
1st: Cousin, Helene (Sei Zan Kan, AEUSKF)
2nd: Schuldt, Michael (Agassiz Dojo, MWKF)
3rd: Mittelstaedt, Thane (AiShinKai, PNKF)
3rd: Williams, Nathan (DFWKIK, SWKIF)
Kantosho: Huang, Kevin (Shidogakuin Rutgers, GNEUSKF)

Division three: 2 dan – 3 dan (Murosako Cup)
1st: Mullin, John (Ken-Zen Institute, AEUSKF)
2nd: Thibedeau, Kevin (Ken-Zen Institute, AEUSKF)
3rd: Dudek, David (Ken-Zen Institute, AEUSKF)
3rd: Goeke, Callie (Ren Ma, PNKF)
Kantosho: Kiss, Orsolya (Cleveland Toyuukai, GNEUSKF)

Division four: 4 dan and up (Yamaguchi Cup)
1st: Farmer, Debi (Shidogakuin NY, GNEUSKF)
2nd: Corum, Jonathan (Nichibukan, EUSKF)
3rd: Kailian, Aram (Shidogakuin NY, GNEUSKF)
3rd: Hankins, Jason (ZenBuKan, RMKIF)
Kantosho: Sheldon, Joe (River City Kendo and Iaido, SUSKIF)

Congratulations! Especially to Nathan Williams from our dojo!

June 2017 AUSKF Iaido shinsa result

2017 AUSKF Iaido shinsa results
Sunday, June 11 — Bryn Mawr PA

3rd kyu:
Gesulga, Jayson (Agassiz Dojo, MWKF)
Motov, Igor (Doshikai Kendo & Iaido Club, AEUSKF)
Perez, Gilberto (Toku Bu Kan, SEUSKF)
Senderling, Ben (Omaha Kendo & Iaido Kyokai, SWKIF)
Stadtlander-Miller, Joshua (Ken-Zen Institute, AEUSKF
Thomason, Nathanial (Agassiz Dojo, MWKF)
Woods, Darryl (Mushinkan Kendo and Iaido Dojo, SWKIF)

2nd kyu:
Costa, Joseph (Itto Kai, AEUSKF)
Sevin, Phil (Zen Bu Kan, RMKIF)
Wang, Feng (Blade) (Mushinkan Kendo and Iaido Dojo, SWKIF)
Bang, Soo Chul (Shidogakuin NY Shidokan, GNEUSKF)
Jacobson, Michael (Agassiz Dojo, MWKF)

1st kyu:
Abrams, Dylan (Cherry Hill Ken-yu Kai, EUSKF)
Clark, Jeremie (Doshikai Kendo & Iaido Club, AEUSKF)
Higham, Ritchard (Ken-Zen Institute, AEUSKF)
Kim, Peter (Doshikai Kendo & Iaido Club, AEUSKF)
Maeda, Hiroyuki (Idaho Kendo Club, PNKF)

1st dan:
Alfandari, Dominique (Sei Zan Kendo Kai, AEUSKF)
Baker, Cheyenne (Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai, SWKIF)
Carroll, David (River City Iaido & Kendo Kyokai, SUSKIF)
Cousin, Helene (Sei Zan Kendo Kai, AEUSKF)
Schuldt, Michael (Agassiz Dojo, MWKF)
Watson, Scott (Michigan Koryu Kenkyukai, MWKF)
Williams, Nathan (Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai, SWKIF)

2nd dan:
Baker, John (Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai, SWKIF)
Davis, Jordy (Zen Bu Kan, RMKIF)
Rosell, Celeste (Zen Bu Kan, RMKIF)

3rd dan:
Arenas Gomez, Jose (Aizen Dojo, BRAZIL)
Sareyani, Michael (Ken-Zen Institute, AEUSKF)

4th dan:
Corchado, Sasha (Nichibukan, EUSKF)
Kiss, Orsolya (Cleveland Touyuukai , GNEUSKF)
Pattarozzi, Michael (Rocky Mountain Budokan, RMKIF)
Thibedeau, Kevin (Ken-Zen Institute, AEUSKF)

5th dan:
Hall, Gordon (Ken-Zen Institute, AEUSKF)

6th dan:
Bressler, David (Ken-Zen Institute, AEUSKF)
Hankins, Jason (Zen Bu Kan, RMKIF)
James, Nancy (Sei Zan Kendo Kai, AEUSKF)
Okuno, Samuel (Norwalk Kendo Dojo, SCKF)


RIP – Kenshi Nabeshima Sensei

RIP – Kenshi Nabeshima (鍋島健士) Sensei
(November 19,1928 – June 7,2017)

Nabeshima Sensei was born on November 19, 1928 in the Goto Islands (五島)located off the western coast of Kyushu, Japan, a part of Nagasaki Prefecture. Sensei, an acupuncturist by profession, was instrumental in the development of the Dallas Kendo Dojo, later to become the Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo and Iaido Kyokai. His body will be cremated on June 11, and his ashes will be taken to Nagasaki, where a memorial service is currently being discussed. The dojo will also be planning a memorial Keiko soon.

Let our thoughts go out to his family including his daughter Keiko and son-in-law Russell Ichimura Sensei.