Congrats to all Iaido taikai winners

At the last weekend’s Iaido national taikai, our dojo members Denise Verastigue, Nathan Williams, and Rory Casey won the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Mudansha (0 kyu – 2 kyu) division. Rob Tranchin won the kantosho award in the 2 Dan – 3 Dan division.


Here’s the full list:

2106 United States Iaido Championships – Results

0 Kyu to 2 Kyu Division – MUDANSHA

1st – Denise Verastigue, Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai – SWKIF
2nd – Nathan Williams, Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai – SWKIF
3rd – Rory Casey, Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai – SWKIF
3rd – Gina Konstantopoulos, Ken-Zen Institute – AEUSKF
Kantosho – Keita Tanabe, Salinas Dojo – NCKF

1 Kyu and 1 Dan Division – MURAKAMI CUP

1st – Jennifer Mayo, Castle Rock Iaido – RMKIF
2nd – Kelly Maier, Musoshindenryu Iaido – Moorhead Dojo – MWKF
3rd – Aleasha Jay, Rocky Mountain Budokan – RMKIF
3rd – Celeste Rosell, Zen Bu Kan – RMKIF
Kantosho – Thane Mittelstaedt, AiShinKai Fudo Myoo-Ji Dojo – PNKF

2 Dan and 3 Dan Division – MUROSAKO CUP

1st – Yoshimasa Watanabe, San Jose Dojo – NCKF
2nd – Kevin Thibedeau, Ken-Zen Institute – AEUSKF
3rd – Richard Davis, Rocky Mountain Budokan – RMKIF
3rd – Keiko Miyamori, Ken-Zen Institute – AEUSKF
Kantosho – Rob Tranchin, Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai – SWKIF

4 Dan and Above Division – YAMAGUCHI CUP

1st – Debi Farmer, Shidogakuin NY Shidokan – GNEUSKF
2nd – Joe Sheldon, River City Iaido & Kendo Kyokai – SUSKIF
3rd – Jonathan Bannister, AiShinKai Fudo Myoo-Ji Dojo – PNKF
3rd – David Bressler, Ken-Zen Institute – AEUSKF
Kantosho – Tsuyoshi George Nishiura, Palo Alto Dojo – NCKF

Chicago Sword Show – April 28-30, 2017

April 28-30, 2017

Hyatt Regency Woodfield,
1800 E. Golf Road,
Schaumburg, IL 60173

March 30, 2017


Hotel Rate: $114 (“Midwest Token Kai or Sword Show”)


Enbu @Dallas International School

This morning some of our dojo members had a kendo and iaido enbu at Dallas International School. Thanks everyone!

Dallas Int’l School is a English/French bilingual private school (pre-k to 12th grade) located close to UTD campus. Its curriculum and programs are oriented toward the FB (French Baccalaureate) or IB (International Baccalaureate). 2016 is their year of Japan on campus.

Merci beaucoup pour votre invitation! À la prochaine! Vive la liberté, égalité, fraternité!

Texan Kenshi Joint Practice

We had a wonderful joint practice with visiting kenshi from both Houston and Austin on Sunday. Thanks everyone! You are always welcome to come practice with us.