Good luck in MD, Michael Lee Jr.

Tuesday May 17 was Michael Lee Jr.’s last keiko with us before his move to MD. He survived his tachikiri keiko. Tachikiri keiko (立切稽古) is one kenshi doing kakari keiko (掛稽古) continuously with multiple kenshi, usually a few dozens in turns. In Aomori Japan, there is the brutal 3 hour long tachikiri challenge. In our case, the dojo uses the tachikiri to allow every dojo member to be able to keiko with Michael, to replay his life with us at the dojo, to say goodbye and to wish him good luck!

Michael joined our dojo almost 5 years ago together with his whole “clan”. He started as a total rookie and recently in Denver he became a fresh minted 2 Dan. Michael, you are growing into a cute young man too. Good luck with your endeavors and come back to keiko with us when you can. You are always welcome! Baby Lee, 勿忘初心!


SWKIF Fall Kendo Seminar – New Orleans, LA – Oct. 21-23, 2016

SWKIF Fall kendo seminar will be held at Tulane University Student Recreation Center in New Orleans on the October 21-23 weekend. The Student Recreation Center is located at the end of Janet Yulman Way. Free parking is available at the Diboll Parking Garage in front of the SRC.

Event Hotel: Maison Dupuy (discounted rate @ $209 + tax, etc.)

Shinsa test up to (including) 4 Dan is held on Sunday.

Here are the Registration and Shinsa forms.

Fall 2016 KENDO Shinsa – Application Material 10232016

Registration Packet October 2016 NOLA.v2

Ito Cup Shinsa & Taikai Results

All our dojo members who registered to test passed their shinsa!! Congratulations to all!

Stefanos Borja – 4 Kyu
Logan Grooms – 4 Kyu
Julie Nakamura – 4 Kyu
Massim Shah – 4 Kyu
Yifan Zuo – 4 Kyu
Debi Blanco – 3 Kyu
Judy Chan – 3 Kyu
Joanne Hong – 3 Kyu
Steven Liu – 3 Kyu
Nguyen Ly – 1 Kyu
Derek Le – 1 Dan
Nathan Williams – 1 Dan
Séan Zhu – 1 Dan
Zach Gonzales – 2 Dan
Michael Lee Jr. – 2 Dan

The Dan (incl. 1kyu) Level Shinsa board included the following sensei: Yuji Onitsuka, Danny Yang, Brandon Harada, Mark Uchida, Russell Ichimura and Michio Kajitani.

Our Dallas A team (Masayuki Mizuuchi Sensei, Reggie Solitano, Adrià Navarro Martín, Noemí Arnal, Zach Gonzales) won the 3rd place of the team taikai. And the Dallas Women’s Team (Denise Verastigue, Noemí Arnal, Jennyrayne Colangan) won the 3rd place in the women’s team taikai.
We have quite a few Kantosho winners too! (Denise Verastigue, Noemí Arnal, Joanne Hong, Michael Lee, Reggie Solitano, Massim Shah, Judy Chen)
Congrats to ALL !!!
Great thanks go to our dojo’s great sensei team, led by our Ichimura Sensei!!! Many thanks to every dojo member as well!!!