Tomorrow (7/30) & Sunday (8/2) – practice at ESD

Tomorrow and the coming Sunday we will practice at:

Episcopal School of Dallas
4100 Merrell Road
Dallas, TX 75225

Regular schedule will be observed.

Thursday, July 30:
7:15pm – 8:25pm – Iaido
8:30pm – 9:30pm – Kendo

Sunday, Aug 2:
09:15am – 10:30am – Iaido
10:40am – 11:10am – Kendo Kata
11:15am – 12:30pm – Kendo

2015 AUSKF Summer Kendo Camp Shinsa Result

Congratulations to David Cooper Sensei and Huy (Will) Nguyen Sensei for passing their 5 Dan shinsa at the 2015 AUSKF Summer Kendo Camp.

Thanks Ichimura Sensei and every dojo member to make the camp successful.

It was good experience to learn from Yamanaka Sensei, Ozawa Sensei, Kato Sensei, Tagawa Sensei, and all the other Sensei and fellow kenshi.

2015 Longhorn Invitational Kendo Team Taikai – Oct. 3, 2015 – Austin, TX – due 9/14

Each year in October in Austin, TX, the AKD and UTKA hold the Longhorn Invitational Team Kendo Taikai.

The 14th Longhorn Invitational Kendo Team Taikai will be held on October 3, 2015 from 8 am to 6 pm, followed by the sayonara party from 7pm to 9pm.

Taikai Location:
Recreational Sports Center (RSC)
2100 San Jacinto Boulevard (20th Street at San Jacinto)
University of Texas at Austin

The Taikai is by invitation only. Each dojo may enter 1 or 2 teams (see Tournament Regulations) composed of 5-6 members (5 players and an optional alternate) and an optional team manager. Team captains need to attend the meeting from 7 to 7:30pm on Friday at Drury Inn & Suites Austin North.

Here is the info pack.

2015 SWKIF Iaido Seminar – September 11-13 – Omaha, NE – due 8/23

Omaha Kendo Kai will host this year’s SWKIF Iaido seminar, led by Mark Uchida Sensei, Iaido Renshi 7 Dan, on September 11-13, 2015. The seminar will include a Friday evening session, Saturday seminar and banquet, and Sunday shinsa (up to ShoDan level).

Southwest Airlines has a sale (DAL-OMA round trip less than $200) that ends this Thursday.

Here is the registration packet, shinsa application form, shinsa written questions and the liability waiver form.

Please submit completed forms and payment to Cooper Sensei before 8/23.

2015 AUSKF Iaido National Championship Result – Complete

The following is the official result of the 2015 AUSKF Iaido Championship held on June 20, 2015 in San Jose, CA:

0-2 Kyu:

1st place: Zachary Park, KenBuKan
2nd place: Ben Sardinas, South Florida
3rd place: Sangki Lee, DFWKIK; Séan Zhu, DFWKIK
kantosho: Keita Tanabe, Salinas

1 Kyu – 1 Dan: (Murakami Cup)

1st place: Allen Smith, Mushinkan
2nd place: Rodney Castillo, South Florida
3rd place: Steven Touchi, Rancho Cordova; Korhan Tekkin, Norwalk
Kantosho: Pedro Sors, South Florida

2 Dan – 3 Dan: (Murosako Cup)

1st place: Takanori Furuta, Itto Kai
2nd place: Tomoyuki Hirasawa, DFWKIK
3rd place: Yuko Nishida, Shidogakuin; Sergey Zalubovsky, Mountain View
Kantosho: Ahn Trieu, AiShinKai

4 Dan and above: (Yamaguchi Cup)

1st place: Paul Shin, Shidogakuin
2nd place: Susan Sekreta, Ken Zen
3rd place: Jason Hankins, ZenBuKan; Terry Fukui, ken Zen
Kantosho: Monica Iwakabe, Rocky Mountain

Congratulations to all! See y’all next year in Dallas, TX!!

[P.S.] All previous years’ AUSKF Iaido Championship results can be found here, courtesy of Ken Zen.

Good to know that the 1st official AUSKF National Iaido Championship was held here in Dallas in 1998, and our Ichimura Sensei won both the 2nd place in the Kodansha Division and the Kantosho! And David Cooper Sensei won the 2nd place in the Inoue Cup that year!