2015 AUSKF Iaido National Shinsa Results – Complete

Held: June 21, 2915,
Location:San Jose Community College San Jose, California

4TH KYU: Keita Tanabe.
3RD KYU: Angela Gibson, Gina Konstantopoulos.
2ND KYU: Noriko Ambe, Jim Chandler (ZenBuKan), Jordy Davis (ZenBuKan), Sangki Lee (DFWKIK), Ashley Moore (DFWKIK), Celeste Rosell (ZenBuKan), Denise Verastigue (DFWKIK), Séan Zhu (DFWKIK).
1ST KYU: Derek Kordash, Zachary Park (ZenBuKan), Benjamin Sardinas (SFKC).
1ST DAN: Frank Campione, Ahmed Gaballa ElSayed, Alec Milton, Allen Smith, Korhan Tekin.
2ND DAN: Pedro Batista, Frank Burke, Pamela Carlson (DFWKIK), Rodney Castillo (SFKC), Michael Sareyani, Pedro Sors (SFKC), Steven Touchi (NCKF), Jeremy Wong.
3RD DAN: Terry Sewell (DFWKIK), Kimiye Touchi (NCKF), Edward Vierk, Yoshimasa Watanabe.
4TH DAN: Brian Beckford (Shidogakuin D.C.), David Chiu (Simon Frazer U), Hiroaki Fukumoto (PNKF), Takanori Furuta, Tomoyuki Hirasawa (DFWKIK).
5TH DAN: David Cooper (DFWKIK), Monica Iwakabe (Rocky Mountain).

2015 AUSKF Iaido National Taikai Results – Our Dojo

Congratulations to the following who won medals at the 2015 AUSKF Iaido National Taikai:

Tomoyuki(Tom) Hirasawa – 2nd place in 3 Dan Division
Sangki Lee – 3rd place in 0-2 Kyu Division
Sean Zhu – 3rd place in 0-2 Kyu Division

Thanks to all the Sensei and dojo members!
Thanks to all the visiting Sensei, event organizers and volunteers!

2015 AUSKF Iaido National Shinsa Results – Our Dojo

Our dojo had a good representation at the AUSKF Iaido Taikai this year with 11 members attending and we achieved pretty good results. Thanks to all the Sensei and dojo members!

Four members got promoted to new ranks and four first-timers got their first Iaido ranks:

David Cooper – 5 Dan
Tom Hirasawa – 4 Dan
Terry Sewell – 3 Dan
Pam Carlson – 2 Dan
Denise Verastigue – 2 Kyu
Ashley Moore – 2 Kyu
Sangki Lee – 2 Kyu
Sean Zhu – 2 Kyu

Congratulations to all!

2015 AUSKF Kendo Summer Camp Registration Package – Due on July 6 ( Due Sunday, June 28 for DFWKIK members)

The 2015 AUSKF Kendo Summer Camp will be held in Dallas,Texas on the 24th, 25th and the 26th of July 2015 at the University of Texas at Dallas Campus (800 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080).

Instructors from Japan:
Shigeki Yamanaka (山中茂樹) (Kendo Hanshi 8 Dan) from Saitama, Japan
Hiroshi Ozawa (小澤博) (Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan) from Saitama, Japan

Kendo Promotion Exam (Kodansha Only) is scheduled on July 26 (Sun) afternoon at the same place.

Here is the 2015 AUSKF kendo Summer Camp Registration Package. The deadline date for Registration is July 6, 2015.

DFWKIK dojo members please submit your complete registration to Ashley M. before June 28.

NOTE***: ONLY currently registered/paid AUSKF members can attend this seminar per AUSKF policy.

REMINDER: Monday June 22 – Deadline to register for AUSKF Junior Open National Championships & Seminar (Yuya Takenouchi teaching!!)

All entry forms are due Monday, June 22 to “usjuniorkendoopen at gmail dot com”. Each federation submits the registration and payment collectively.

There will be a “mysterious” world famous kenshi (Yuya Takenouchi 竹ノ内佑也) teaching the “1st Annual AUSKF Goodwill Youth Kendo Seminar”. A $500/participant Scholarship will be provided by AUSKF to each regional federation outside of California (each federation will receive a maximum of $2000 from this scholarship fund). Such scholarship should be used to alleviate costs related to the Championships at the discretion of each regional federation. Each federation (for us, it will be SWKIF) will send ONE check to pay for the registration for all participants.

Please take this great opportunity if you are a youth kenshi. For details and registration packet, please visit the AUSKF link.

SWKIF Fall Kendo Seminar and Shinsa – October 23- 25, 2015 – Little Rock, AR – due date 10/6

The SWKIF Fall Kendo Seminar and Shinsa will be in Little Rock, Arkansas on October 23-25, 2015. The seminar and shinsa (up to 4Dan) will be held at:

Mt St Mary Academy
3224 Kavanaugh Blvd
Little Rock, AR 72205

The closest airport is Little Rock International airport (LIT). It is about 5 hours of drive from the DFW area.

Featured guest instructors from AUSKF:

Yuji Onitsuka(鬼塚雄二) Sensei (Kyoshi 7dan, Team US Manager)
Brandon Harada(原田ブランドン/原田武衛) Sensei (Renshi 6 dan, AUSKF Champion 2014).

Here is the registration packet, shinsa application form and shinsa written questions. All forms and payments need to be submitted to Cooper Sensei by Tuesday, October 6.