2015 Asian Festival Dallas at Klyde Warren Park – Saturday, May 2 (11am -6pm)

DFWKIK will be participating in the 2015 Asian Festival at Klyde Warren Park demonstrating iaido and kendo on Saturday, May 2, around 5-5:30pm. Any interested dojo members need to arrive at the event around 4-4:15pm, get dressed and be ready to go by 4:50pm. Our enbu will take place in the Wellness Corner while Change room is right behind the Main Stage across from Olive Street.(see Event Map). Please print out the parking pass (shared through email) and hand it to the attendant at the parking garage in the Trammel Crow Center accessible via Olive Street. Otherwise it’s $5 fee.

Congratulations to our Taikai winners

Congratulations to the following Nabeshima Taikai winners:

Sangki Lee – 1st place in Mudansha division
Peter Shih – 3rd place in Mudansha division
Jennyrayne Colangan – Kantosho (Fighting Spirit Award) in Women’s┬ádivision
Sol (Joanne) Hong – 3rd place in Youth divison

Well deserved and Bravo!

Nabeshima Taikai Shinsa Result

Congratulations to the following dojo members who were promoted to their new kendo ranks at the Nabeshima Cup:

Debi Blanco – 5 kyu
Michael Kroska – 5 kyu
Simon J. Martinez – 4 kyu
Steven Liu – 4 kyu
Peter Shih – 4 kyu
Alex Kroska – 4 kyu
Sol Hong – 4 kyu
Hanna Hirakawa – 4 kyu
Nguyen Ly – 3 kyu
Sean Zhu – 2 kyu
Nathan Williams – 2 kyu
Alberto Kiramoto – 1 kyu
Ashley Moore – 1 kyu
Jennyrayne Colangan – 1 kyu
Sangki Lee – 1 kyu
Sean Hollebeck – 1 kyu
Zachary Gonzales – 1 dan
Michael Lee – 1 dan
Jongkil Kim – 2 dan
Theodore Kouadri – 2 dan
Reggie Solitano – 3 dan
Terry Sewell – 4 dan

Thanks to all the Sensei, Senpai, every dojo member, and all the visiting kenshi to make the 15th Nabeshima Cup and 9th Texas Open Taikai a successful event.

Kendo Kata Canceled & Entrance Changed on Sunday, April 5th

In preparation for the up-coming Nabeshima Cup, Kendo Kata is canceled on Sunday, April 5th. Kendo practice will start at 10:40 am and end at 12:30 pm. Iaido practice remain unchanged.

Also, on the same day, the Hornet Rd. entrance of GreenHill Schoole is closed. Please used the entrance on Spring Valley Rd.


Easter Sunday Iaido & Kendo

Iaido schedule is the same as usual.

Kendo Kata on Sunday is cancelled and we will be having an extended Shiai Practice starting at 10:40am.

All Volunteers and those competing in the Nabeshima Cup Taikai are highly encouraged to attend.

In case the gate at Hornet Road is closed, use the Spring Valley entrance instead.