AUSKF Spring Iaido Seminar – March 16-17, 2015

Our dojo is lucky to have the following visiting Muso Shinden Ryu (夢想神伝流) Senseis to lead an Iaido seminar:

Chihiro Kishimoto (岸本千尋)Sensei; (Hanshi Iaido 8-dan, Kyoshi Jodo 7-dan), former Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei (ZNKR) Iaido Committee Chairman, from Chiba, Japan
Toshio Maehara (前原敏雄) Sensei; (Hanshi Iaido 8-dan; Kyoshi Jodo 7-dan), from Hiroshima, Japan
Shozo Kato (加藤彰三) Sensei; (Kyoshi Iaido 7-dan; Kyoshi Kendo 8-dan), from NYC, US

March 16 (Monday night): 7pm -9:30pm @Greenhill School, regular dojo meeting place

March 17 (Tuesday – full day): 9am – 4pm
@Walnut Hill Recreation Center
10011 Midway Road
Dallas, TX 75229

More details will be shared later.

URGENT – Sunday February 22, 2015 practice @ Episcopal School of Dallas

In order to tour the Nabeshima Taikai facility, we will meet this coming Sunday February 22, 2015 at:

Upstairs Auxiliary Gym (better accessed by Montwood Lane, one street south of Merrell Road)
Stephen B. Swann Center (Bldg.#12 on the Campus Map)
Middle & Upper School Campus of Episcopal School of Dallas
4100 Merrell Road • Dallas, Texas • 75229

Here is the Parking Map. The Auxiliary Gym is best accessed by turning west on Montwood Lane (one street south of Merrell Road) from Midway. The security entrance is immediately on your right on Montwood Lane. Once you get in through the gate, the Stephen B. Swann Center is all the way on the left. Refer to the parking map for valid school parkings. The Auxiliary Gym is upstairs inside the Stephen B. Swann Center, on the right hand side.