Ito Cup

This year’s Ito cup will be held May 17, 2014.  Members who will be participating must fill out the following waiver form (page 6).  Liability forms should be turned in at class before the deadline.

Please see the attached document for tournament location and information.

2014_ITOCUP_Registration Packet

SWKIF Spring Promotional Exam

Please find attached the registration document and written exam for the Promotional Exam to be held in Denver on Sunday, May 18th.  If you plan to attend and take the exam:

1)      Discuss it with Ichimura Sensei

2)      Attain his signature

3)      Compile all the forms and two checks

4)      Turn them in to David Cooper sensei

The deadline for DFWKIK members to turn in their forms to David Cooper sensei is Sunday, April 27th.  No late applications will be taken, so please don’t wait until the last minute.


Shinsa Application DFWKIK 2014 Denver, Colorado

Parking Lot Closure in GreenHill High School from 3/10 to 3/15

The two parking lots of Green Hill High School will be closed from 3/10 to 3/15 for restriping. Parking for Tuesday (3/11) and Thursday (3/13) will be affected. However, two parking lots will not be closed at the same time.Whenever one is closed, the other is open. Please see the detail of closure listed below.

Tuesday practice, Match 11
Hornet Road gate & parking lot close (the one we normally park; “O” on the map)
Please use Spring Valley gate & parking lot (“N” on the map) as the alternate.

Thursday practice, March 13
Spring Valley gate & parking lot close (“N” on the map)
Please use Hornet Road gate & parking lot as alternate. (the one we normally park; “O” on the map)

p.s. point H on map is the building we practice in.