19th Detroit Kendo Taikai – Feb.,11-12,2017 – Novi, MI – deadline 1/15

The 19th Annual Detroit Kendo Tournament, and Seminar hosted by the Detroit Kendo Dojo, will take place on February 11th and 12th 2017, in Novi Michigan.

This year the distinguished tournament guests will be:
Kendo Hanshi 8 Dan Shuji Fukumoto (福本 修二)Sensei from Tokyo, Japan
Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan Hiromichi Hayashi (林 宏道) Sensei from Tokyo, Japan

Shuji Fukumoto Sensei currently is the Vice President and Executive Managing Director of All Japan Kendo Federation, and the Executive Director of the International Kendo Federation.

Hiromichi Hayashi Sensei is currently the President of the Tokyo Shinagawa District Kendo Federation and a Representative of the Development Committee for All Japan Kendo Federation.

The registration deadline date for tournament entry is January 15, 2017. Please complete the tournament entry as well as payment on the online registration system by January 15, 2017. Promotion exam, hosted by the Midwest Kendo Federation, will be held following the seminar on 11th as well. The online registration link is listed below. You can also register through Detroit dojo website under the Tournament section at www.detroitkendodojo.com

The online registration for tournament entry: link