14th All Japan Kendo 8 Dan Championship – Sunday, April 17 – Nagoya, Japan

Many familiar kendoka will show up. For example, Eiga Brother’s sensei and last year’s Champion Furukawa Kazuo 古川和男 Sensei from Hokkaido, and Kamei Toru 亀井徹 Sensei from Kumamoto will be both competing at their 11th and 12th time respectively. You can view last year’s final match at 2015全日本選抜剣道八段戦 決勝 石田利也 対 古川和男 – Ishida vs. Furukawa 8-dan, a 1080p HD video clearly demonstrating Furukawa Sensei’s elegant sonkyo, roaring kiai, strong ki or qi, fierce seme, and indisputable men ippon, etc.


Detailed Japanese version of the participants list can be found at: 出場選手

English version of the participants list can be found here: competitor list

AJKF Official Youtube Live Stream url (@19:30 CST, Saturday, April 16): LIVE STREAM